Erklärung von US-Verteidigungsminister Rumsfeld zur Bitte um militärischen Beistand durch Deutschland

US-Verteidigungsminister Donald Rumsfeld hat in einer Erklärung am gestrigen 6. November 2001 verdeutlicht, dass die USA Deutschland um militärische Hilfe gebeten habe, aber keine spezifische Anzahl Soldaten angefordert habe. Im Wortlaut erklärte der Verteidigungsminister:

"The U.S. asked for assistance from Germany. They responded positively. Discussions were held at Central Command as to what might be appropriate. The U.S. then requested of Germany some of the capabilities that had been discussed, but we did not request a specific number (3900) of Special Forces, which was the question I was asked. The U.S. is pleased that Germany responded positively. Both Chancellor Schröder and my statements are consistent."

Der US-Verteidigungsminister erklärte:

"Did the U.S. solicit Germany's offer of military assistance to participate in Operation Enduring Freedom?

We welcome Germany's offer to provide a variety of military capabilities to support the global campaign against terrorism in accordance with its commitments as a NATO ally under Article 5 of the Washington Treaty.

The U.S. has made specific requests of Germany in the fight against terrorism during extensive and on-going consultations that help shape our approach to Operation Enduring Freedom.

    We reach decisions jointly during these discussions, as is the norm among NATO allies. These are confidential discussions; we leave it to our coalition partners, of which Germany is one of the strongest, to decide how to announce specific forms of cooperation.
The United States Central Command is working with German military authorities to integrate German forces into our anti-terrorist efforts." Quelle: Dokumente der Bundesregierung


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