Skopje, March 19 – President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia Ljubco Georgievski, addressed the public referring to the current security situation in the country. Prime Minister Georgievski in his address, which we integrally present, stressed:

It is not a secret if I say than the Republic of Macedonia has been a subject to an aggression from the north province, from Kosovo for more than a month. The aggression has been carried out in two sections, one very strong and very aggressive in the section from Tanusevci to the junction of three borders, of Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia, and the second one with similarly strong intensity, over the mountain of Sara and directly on the outskirts of city of Tetovo. It is not a secret for us that this aggression has been prepared, planed, organized and fully conducted by a logistic support of parties and structures from our northern neighbor. I would not say that it is Yugoslavia, as we consider that it has nothing to do with this, but those are the political structures from Kosovo.

Using this opportunity, I will try to send several appeals. The first one is to the international community. We, as Government, are giving an ample room and gratitude to all international political structures and countries, which support the Government’s policy and the sovereignty and integrity of our country. We are very grateful, as we do need such support. I would like to particularly mention the support from our four neighbors Albania, Greece, Bulgaria and the FR Yugoslavia, as, in my opinion, it gives a new quality to our mutual relations, but also to the united policy of the Balkans. We especially appreciate this support and we are convinced that its dimensions will have positive effects in the future as well.

But, when I speak about the international community’s support, with all my gratitude, I cannot avoid to present a remark. As grateful as we are for the overall support, we cannot agree with some assessments, particularly with the estimation that in the last few days has been used by the international diplomats and foreign media, which says that developments in Macedonia are not a result of a spillover of the Kosovo crisis, that it is not an aggression from Kosovo on Macedonia, but a result of the actions of the ethnic Albanian rebels. I am free to call all of the international diplomats and foreign media and to present them hundreds of evidences, which prove that we are dealing with well-prepared aggression from Kosovo against Macedonia, and that they can be fully informed by their KFOR solders, deployed at our northern border. There is also no doubt that the media presentations are rather paradoxical. Thus, on the same day the BBC reports on witnessing 200 terrorists passing from Kosovo to Macedonia and presents a report that ethnic Albanian rebels are fighting in Tetovo against the Macedonian governmental forces. We simply find the reason for the international community’s terminology as very simple. Namely, if the community admits the aggression from Kosovo on Macedonia, its policy in Kosovo for the last two years will proof to be wrong, and that NATO intervention in Kosovo will have another dimension.

We are very sorry that the facts are in favor of this conclusion, but it is obvious that they cannot avoid the fact that this time the western democracies create a new Talibans within Europe. In that respect, I may only say that no one in Macedonia could be convinced that the US and German governments do not know who are the chieftains of the gangs that are entering Macedonia today, that they do not know their names and that if they apply stronger political measures against those chieftains, the gangs will not stop with the aggression on our country.

I send the second appeal to the people and political parties of Kosovo. I believe that this message will reach them. We are very sorry that the citizens and political parties of Kosovo have very soon forgotten what Macedonia did for them only few months ago. They forgot that Macedonia and its citizens offered their hand to them in their most difficult period, and now they are returning with weapons. In this situation, they are not only playing with human, but also with God’s laws - to return with stone to one who offered you a bread.

The third appeal is to the Macedonian refugees from Tetovo and its region. We sympathize with their tragedy and today I may say that all requests, submitted to me today, will be met. First, additional forces will be sent to patrol in the city and to secure their homes. Such order has been already issued, and I believe that the same will be implemented.

The second, an order for introducing of some kind of curfew. We cannot introduce a curfew as we are not in a state of emergency, but I consider that the Interior Ministry will issue an order for limited movement after 19.00h in Tetovo, thus I believe that the order will be enforced tomorrow at latest.

The third request refers to enhanced police control along the road Tetovo-Skopje, and such order has been already issued. Regarding the forth request on providing accommodation and food for the refugees, I think that about 300 families are already sheltered.

We also appeal to the ethnic Albanian refugees, whose number I assume is five times bigger that the Macedonians, which clearly speaks that the common Albanian family is endangered by the events at the Macedonian northern border. The fact that great number of Albanian families are fleeing from their homes is a proof that they flee from terrorism of their own patriots, for one reason only, forced mobilization, and letters with threats -if they do not agree on mobilization of one family member, they will be destroyed or killed. Their response is to runaway, and I think that is the best possible response in this situation.

Finally, an appeal to all those vultures from media or journalists, or small political profiteers - with no more than ten members in their political parties, to give up their profiteering at this moment. And, If they love this country, want to be patriots and to help the Macedonian police, they may do that by not engaging about 300-400 policemen daily, leaving them to deal with more important issues.

If you allow me, let me answer to the accusations raised by those small profiteers from the media and the political parties for some betrayal and traitors. Those messages presented to the Macedonian President, and to me. I can tell you that I will commit my greatest betrayal today by my following statement, as it is obvious that there is no other way to talk with these profiteers, because they cannot do anything else but betrayals.

What are the actions of the Macedonian Government? The first betrayal is to tell you that Tanusevci has been conquered by exactly 92 grenades. The second one is to tell you that today, and in the last week, at the borderline between Tanusevci and the junction -Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, we have been conducting operations with tanks, artillery, mortars shells, and everything that may be carried there. Simply, the Macedonian police and the Army are operating with everything they have on their disposal.

I am going to commit the third betrayal-why and what we are waiting for? Let me remind you about the quantity of weapons this country had when we came the power, and who was in charge for supplying weapons for this country? For two years this Government has increased the military arsenal for 50 times from what we have found and we expect these days an arrival of more weapons. Another betrayal-excuse me but I must reveal military secrets to reassure the vultures around us that this Government is working. Thirty trucks with weapons and ammunition arrive in Macedonia every day, as a substitution for everything that someone else has not done.

The forth betrayal - the number of fired bombs and grenades on terrorists has been doubled daily, and such dynamic will continue. And not mention many other betrayals, let me just add that the Interior Ministry responds to terrorists with all its power in the Tetovo area, while the Macedonian Army is deployed at all strategic points at the Macedonian north-west border. I think that this answer will satisfy the curious citizen of the Republic of Macedonia.

Finally, allow me to send another appeal on how determined is this Government to succeed and to win this battle. I assure all of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia that no one is negotiating with the terrorists and no one will. I assure all of the citizens of Macedonia that no one will launch discussions on changing of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and we deny all provocations and speculations in that respect. We consider that Macedonia has rich multiethnic life, which so far has been recognized by the international community. We are ready to continue improving that multiethnic life.

Currently, the construction of a third program of the special multiethnic TV channel is underway as well as the construction of the building for the Tetovo University on Albanian language, worth $20 million. This year’s program also includes investments from the money gained from the sale of the Telecom in number of Albanian elementary and high schools. Finally, the new Law on local self-government, which aims to increase the competencies of the local authorities, is in a procedure. These are the only subjects on which we can discuss and negotiate.

Once more, in front of the entire citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, I would like to stress that the Republic of Macedonia will use all combat means in order to deal with this terrorism, with this aggression coming from Kosovo.

I assure both the Macedonian citizens and our enemies that we will not give one centimeter of our territory to the enemy. I would also like from all Macedonian citizens and media to send a mass moral support to our policemen and soldiers. If we suffer diversions from other parties, may we at least not have diversions from our own, domestic entities. There is no doubt regarding the actions of the police and army and they respond as strongly as possible.

We should all be encouraged by the fact that in every frontal assault the terrorist gangs were literally being destroyed. They do not have to report on their casualties, and it is better that they do not report, that is their own problem. The only casualties that Macedonia suffered were from snipers or from landmines. This is the only way of cower war that our enemy knows, and when it comes to frontal combat, they simply loose the battles.

I believe that all Macedonian patriots will agree on one thing: at the moment when Macedonia wins, it will be a victory of all of us and afterwards we will need to restore the joint co-living between the Macedonians and the Albanians.

Therefore, we would like to recommend to the political parties, both those who represent the Macedonians and those who represent the Albanians, that they should resist the extremism within their lines.

We must be aware that at the moment when we break up all terrorist groups we will need to live together again and we will need to continue the life in Macedonia.

Dear citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, distinguished journalists, I believe that we will go through this very difficult aggression against Macedonia as we have gone through many battles in which we won in the past 10 years. Be certain that besides the weapons of the Macedonian army and police, God is also on our side and he gives us this strength not to allow our sovereignty, integrity or national interest to be endangered”.

Quelle: Presseerklärung vom 19.03.2001


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