The following Declaration was adopted by the Executive Committee of the Council of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FITUR) in connection with the Decree of the President of Russia of 21 September 1993.



Instead of solving the most urgent socio-economic problems of the
society and instead of searching a national consent, the
President's Decree from September 21 has ceased the activity of
the legally elected Supreme Soviet, the Congress of people's
deputies. According to the conclusion of the Constitutional
Court, the Constitution of the Russian Federation has been
grossly violated. The FITUR has repeatedly declared its adherence
to the constitutional system. The trade unions do not aspire to
political power, but they cannot accept infringement on
constitutional rights and liberties because it will inevitably
involve a chain of violations of working people's socio-economic

The unconstitutional restriction of the activity of one of the
branches of power leads to enforcement of the other one and paves
the way for establishment of a regime of personal power. It can
be called nothing else but a state coup d'etat. The history of
our country had already a similar thing, and the people remember
the catastrophic consequences of such a development of events.

The trade unions cannon just watch idly the actions that are to
the detriment of the vital interests of the working people.

The Executive of the FITUR's Council addresses the affiliated
organisations, labour collectives, industrial and office workers
with an appeal to express with all possible means, including
strike, a decisive protest against anticonstitutional actions,
irrespective of whoever commits them.

We demand immediate cancellation of the unconstitutional
restrictions of the activity of the legislative power and
conducting simultaneous elections of the President and the
Supreme Soviet.

22 September 1993

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